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You’re tired of feeling burnt out, uninspired and out of touch, and deep down you know there’s something more. 

You’ve tried everything from fad diets to spending hundreds on makeup, hair, shoes, but nothing seems to wake you up and give you that ALIVE feeling you’ve been waiting for. 

You’re struggling to wear a million different hats and take care of everyone’s needs, yet your needs fade into the background and you don’t know how to fix it without the guilt...


Maybe you’re stuck wondering if this is really all it is, if women really can’t have it all, and you should settle with feeling content ...


You Know that Deep Down There is a Fiery Goddess Waiting to Shake Things Up and Get the Most Out of This Life.

 Course Cost: 27.00 US$

Right now it may not seem like a reality, but I want you to imagine what could happen if you really opened yourself up to change. 

Imagine a life where you feel SEXY and GORGEOUS every day, even without make-up and without losing any weight. 

Imagine your relationship being reignited and people being drawn to you like a moth to a flame. 

Imagine getting to do the very things you love EVERY DAY without guilt. Imagine being so passionate about your life that you inspire others. 

You see, this life is as easy as GOING FROM GOOD GIRL TO GODDESS, learning how to clear mental blocks, apply ancient feminine teachings, and finally let the real you shine!

Sounds pretty good, right?

It feels so good to close our eyes and dream about the future, but I’ve got some bad news for you. If you want a life that truly excites you, it’s going to take more than closing your eyes and dreaming, it’s going to take commitment to the inner work.

Aren’t you tired of the stress? The guilt? Having a case of the Monday’s every day? 

 Course Cost: 27.00 US$

Trust Me, I Get It, I Was There Too  

  • I was always drawn to studying the art of feminine philosophy, but my passion was side tracked by my responsibilities as an employee, wife, and mom. 
  • I would spend hours crafting beautiful poems, just for them to be hidden in a drawer.
  • I would feel shame about my body, hiding it behind frumpy clothes, while crash dieting and obsessively working out. 
  • I had SO many ideas but lacked the passion to put any of them out there.
  • Deep down I knew I was meant for greater things, but I was stuck feeling overweight, overworked, overwhelmed, and just PLAIN OVER IT!

If this sounds like you – then you have found the right place girlfriend, because I’ve been exactly where you are now.

So who am I?

I'm Merav Richter

I am an Author, Poet, Mother, Wife, Belly Dancer, and student of the ancient feminine arts.  

Since I’ve Unleashed My Divine Goddess I have:

  • Dived into my passion! I travel the world reading, interviewing and researching the feminine traditions from cultures far and wide! 
  • Published My Own Books! I get to connect with my audience through written word and have my talents acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Become a Man Magnet! I have a happy, sexy marriage of my own, but I’ve also found attracting men has never been easier. 
  • Most importantly, I learned to not just like myself, but to be crazy, madly, unconditionally in love with myself! I have never felt sexier, smarter, or braver and I LOVE THE WOMAN IN THE MIRROR.


If you’re reading this and thinking “Sure, that’s good for you Merav but I could never have all of that”, let me tell you…


 Course Cost: 27.00 US$

As women, we are all gifted with a divine feminine power that we can tap into WHENEVER we like. Here is what some have said: 

“Working with Merav took me on a personal journey. This is way more than a cliché! I learned how to maximize my own potential and began to grow from within. While enjoying the journey, Merav provided me with the guidance and support, lighting the path to unveiling the true feminine essence that was there, within me all along. Today, I experience my same life as bigger, better and stronger and way more feminine – radiating inner confidence. This is what I call going from good girl to goddess! Thank you Merav for being my guiding light and inspiration!” – Jordan

“I had never seen myself as a Goddess. It felt too immodest, too contrived, too “Hollywood”, to claim to be such a thing! But, after working with Merav, I see now that I really AM a GODDESS! I always have been, I just didn't know it, and now I always will be!” – Tracy

“Before working with Merav, there was this yellow dress that I LOVED in my closet, because I was too shy to wear it. After taking this course, I now ROCK that sexy yellow dress – and I look, and more importantly, FEEL like a million dollars in it! Thank you Merav for reminding me that I’m a goddess.” –Stephanie 

This why I created the Go From Good Girl to Goddess Course

This program is for every woman looking to love herself, her life, and her future. It’s for those women who know they’ve got a whole lot of Goddess to contribute to this world and are ready to take the next step. 

If you are ready to feel ignited, fulfilled, and liberated (without all the stress or guilt) then this program is for you!


I’ve spent years studying the ancient feminine arts, applying techniques, learning what does and doesn’t work for the modern day woman and finally…I CRACKED THE CODE. 

So, Are You Ready to Step into Your Life as a Goddess?  


 Course Cost: 27.00 US$

When you choose to step into this life-changing journey, you’ll spend 3 weeks with like-minded Goddesses learning the tools and techniques that will TRANSFORM YOU!  

After just 3 weeks together you will:

  • Actually be able to eat a donut or a bowl of pasta without shaming yourself for weeks. 
  • Uncover the true seductress within.
  • Bring back your passion! That’s right lady - no one puts baby in the corner! You’ll be re-engaging (or finding for the first time) the interests and talents that make you…YOU.
  • Clear, Clean, and DISSOLVE those mental blocks that are holding you hostage.
  • Learn how to tap into your Goddess side ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!  

In this program you receive:  

  • Weekly videos, guided by myself, teaching you the feminine arts I’ve picked up from around the globe.
  • Interactive worksheets to help you do the “inside work” and address the questions that need to be answered.
  • Weekly challenges to push you to take action and practice those delish Goddess skills.
  • Lifetime access to a Goddess Sisterhood, a community you can lean on for support, inspiration, or just some good ol’ fashion girl talk.  

When we work together, I’ll guide you through the 3 vital foundations for life as a Goddess!

1. Turning your forgotten passions into daily celebrations. 2. Worshipping every inch of you. 3. Harnessing your feminine power through seductive energy.  

Here’s a Sneek Peek at What You’ll Get:

MODULE 1: Igniting Your Ecstasy My darling, it is time to dust off those running shoes, those paint brushes, that typewriter, or WHATEVER IT IS and get back to your divine ecstasy. You’re not too busy, it’s not selfish, and I’m gonna show you how!

MODULE 2: Beauty Fits Any Body You can stop working on getting your “bikini body” now Goddess, because you’ve already got one! We’ll be taking a closer look at where those negative voices about our body come from, how to stop them, and how to celebrate being a divine female AT ANY SIZE!

MODULE 3: Sacred Sensuality I have a little secret for you…women love pleasure! Not only do we love it, we deserve it and it’s our natural right to claim it. I’ll show you my tantric based techniques to get those fires burning.  

Are You Ready?

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 Course Cost: 27.00 US$

DISCLAIMER: If you are in any way dissatisfied with this course in the first week, I will refund you 100% of your investment!